Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 12th.. KYSCCA 2010 Event # 5

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Saturday brings another race day out at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. This time my camera will be ready. This time, my wife has her own

It's a Bell Sprint Mako, same as mine but in pink instead of blue. How cute eh ? I like it though. Hopefully she will take the opportunity to ride with a few other individuals out there this Saturday.

Only one thing getting in the way right now potentially... the
weather. Supposed to be scattered thunderstorms. They have been known to have races in the rain, however storms generally shuts it down. Have to see how it plays out.

I had problems last week with the camera due to some fogging on the lens. I made the mistake of having it out in the humid air and bringing it into a cool house afterwards. So I purchased some silica gel (for drying flowers) for about 5 bucks for a tub of the stuff. Filled a jar half full and placed the camera into the jar. Sealed it and tucked into a freezer bag.

I let it set in the back of cupboard for a whole week. When I took it out, there was indeed some silica gel encrusted on the buttons where there obviously was some water as well. After brushing things off and getting all of the excess silica gel off of the camera, I tested it out. No moisture and all appeared to work.

So good right ? Well I also ordered some
Zorb-It. A 4x4 packet good for 2 cubit feet of air space. This is supposed to be very good stuff. I placed it into my camera bag along with the car camera as well. This will keep it moisture free after being outside on the car all day. Even when bringing back inside the house. Looking forward to getting some better video shots than white blur. ;o)

I concentrated on being smooth the last time and I felt better about the run. This time, I need to work out some corner issues when coming out of the slalom. This is assuming that they have the same corner they have had for the last 3 races. It could of course be all brand new. Guess we will see.

In any case, if you have some free time and you are in the Louisville, KY area.. swing on by around 10 or 11am on Saturday the 12th of June. You might just enjoy yourself!

here for details