Monday, May 31, 2010


Had a great time at the track on Saturday. It was a pretty hot day for being out on the asphalt parking lot. The course had an (well at least I thought so) exceptional number of twists and turns in it. Right at turn #1 there was a nasty pit of wet gravel that I guess they couldn't get cleaned up. Felt myself losing traction a bit each time I went through there. Other than that the only other odd portion of the course was midway where it went into a long sweeping turn which narrowed down and almost moved into a 90 degree right hand turn (slightly more actually). Pretty sharp back turn. It had a few boxes and two slaloms. The last slalom was right at the end, so of course it wasn't much of a slalom.

My wife, Melody, was there and after riding with me a few times finished her day out filming a few videos.

The camcorder started acting up, so we didn't get much. To make matters worse, the on-car video wasn't working properly either. Hoping that next time all of the techical issues will be resolved.

All that said, its time to go shopping for a helmet for Melody.

P.S. She has been shopping for race cars now... Miata in her future maybe ?