Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New season is upon us

Had a great time last year. Hopefully everything I learned last year stuck. I have switched from BFG KDWs to Dunlop ZIIs.

Last setup was 225/45-17 squared which I ran for the past 4 seasons. This year I changed it up and went staggered with 245/40 up front and 215/45 for the rear. The goal being to get more rubber on the ground while leveling out how the front heats up in comparison to the rear...given I pretty much drag the rear around.

Alignment went well and everything tucked in perfectly...I am so ready. March 16th couldn't get here quick enough.


How last season went...

Here is how the end of year points line up looked.

Congratulations to everyone represented.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Cylinder misfire

So cylinder three was misfiring in the Si. Any guesses on why ? :-/

New plugs and coil on order.

Monday, August 27, 2012

KYSCCA - Event #7 - In review

So here is a review of Event #7

Run 1 (37.118) Getting a feel for the course and realizing this was going to be a very fast course

Run 2 (36.808) Picking up the pace a little on run 2

Run 3 (38.940) Having problems with turn 2 and turn 4. Can't figure out how to get into the turn correctly. Fellow driver noticed something that I wasn't doing right and coached me before my 4th run.

Run 4 (35.809) Received some coaching from Bucky, fellow driver and very seasoned at that, called me out on lifting the throttle in the first straight before turn 2. His advice... stay on the throttle and I should be bouncing off the rev limiter by the time I reach turn 2. Hitting the rev limiter in 2nd gear means that I am hitting somewhere around 55-57 mph at around 8500-8700 rpms. The K series engines love high rpms, but it sounds like the engine is going to bust loose at the seams for that brief few seconds. So per his advice, I changed strategy and kept the throttle down coming up to turn 2. Bouncing on the rev limiter I wondered if I would have time to get into the turn. Just at the entrance to the turn, braked and then off the brakes and turned into the corner. Coming out, once again full throttle into turn 3 which was also a showcase turn in front of the viewers. Essentially a very large arc. Hit that turn almost perfect with the rear rotating around as I headed for the final turn before finishing. Payoff was almost 1.5 seconds shaved off of my best time thus far. SWEET!!! Interesting note... full throttle and then braking actually set me up better for turn 2. Just the opposite of what I would have expected. Lesson learned.

Run 5 (37.133) Stayed on the throttle just like before, but as I got into turn 2 I got it all wrong and thought I was going to eat the cones. Suprisingly enough I didn't eat any, however lost a lot of time. I did my best to make up for it though.

Run 6 (35.561) Last run, have to make this one count is all I thought. In the words of Bucky "Go  fast!". My comment in return was "Smooth", which he responded "Smooth is fast". Such simple words, but oh so true. Launch and into second gear as I rounded turn 1. Full throttle through the lane change towards turn 2. Wap!Wap!Wap!Wap! as I hit the rev limiter, brake hard and then accelerate through turn 2. Full throttle again through the slalom and brake and then into the showcase smoothly and full throttle again backout the other side towards the small chicago box. Quick brake before turn 4, and then it was full throttle again out and to the finish. Once again, as always, banging against the rev limiter as I passed through the finishing timing lights. My best raw time for the day.

I need to get comfortable at being constantly at the edge. Either full throttle or brake... no coasting or in between. Live in that oh sh!t feeling. Definitely learning my new limits as a driver and also for my car. Oh yes, my car feels freaking awesome. Loving the new suspension setup. Can't wait till next season when I get to really play with the suspension setup.

Again, thanks Bucky for the great advice.

Fastest Raw time of the day was 32.241 for a CM class 1986 Van Diemen RF-86. The bottom raw time was 41.787 AML class Mazda Miata. My best time was 35.561 placing me 36th out of 73 for raw time.

Top PAX time of the day was 27.505 and bottom PAX time for the day was 41.787. My PAX position was 36th out of 73 with PAX adjusted time of 30.262.

PAX is a method of handicapping cars. It's also known as RTP (Racers Theoretical Performance).

Cars are assigned handicaps based on their make/model/year and level of modification. These handicaps are based on actual performance of cars that have run in SCCA National events, and are determined by the national PAX administrator. They are used to judge performances at the national level, and are accepted by all competition entrants.

The most modified car is "A Modified", which gets a score of 1.00, so it's time would not be adjusted at all. Everything else gets multiplied by a figure that you could call a PAX handicap.

Here's an example:

Car             Class        Raw time       PAX handicap     PAX time  PAX Result
'03 Corvette     SS            50.00           .840            42.0      2
'04  Focus       HS            53.25           .780            41.53     1 
'04 Dodge SRT4   STU           52.45           .820            43.00     3

So the Focus that finished three seconds slower than the Vette actually wins based on PAX index.

PAX values are adjusted yearly.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

KYSCCA - Event #7

This is a video (helmet cam view) of my best run - 35.561

Learned something new today... full throttle until I get that "oh sh!t am I going to make that turn", brake, turn.. and do it all over again.

Very fast course, had a lot of fun with it. Scorcher of a day though...ugh.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

KYSCCA - Event#6 - Louisville, Kentucky

2007 Honda Civic Si - Sedan. 1st place in DSP today. A few regulars were not present today so it worked out in my favor this time. Not my favorite type of course personally. Very little slalom activity. Slaloms are my crack addiction. Today's run felt good all the same though with a 54.480

Running Torque for Android and had the data logger running to see what it would pick up. Below is cumulative course route with some GPS accuracy issues periodically. However, you can see the course layout pretty clearly. The start is where the little map pointer is at with the finish just before the middle inlet on the right hand side. Thereabouts at least.

Looking at the data logger, my speed seemed more controlled on my 4th run and less erratic.  Next time, I need to add some additional diagnostic data loggers than just the basic speed, rpm, and gps accuracy info. 

Next race will be next Sunday, but at UPS, Grade Lane instead. See you there!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

KYSCCA - Louisville, Kentucky - Event 5

Last event I pushed too far one way and exceeded my limit at this time. This time I held back a little bit and came out much better. I think I could have pushed a bit more, but bit by bit I am re-learning my car setup. The suspension improvements have made radical improvements in handling and responsiveness.

Final time of the day for me was 44.355. The video is a composite video of multiple runs however.

2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan

My co-driver for the day was Tim Babb, my neighbor. We won't talk about the first three runs, because its the last one that counted ;-) . He did a great job in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing more of him out there on course in the future.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking good

Last xray...much better than before. Looks good to me

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoom forward

So I finally got around to installing the new suspension. Parts ran me about 1200. Labor...that was a doozy...about 4k and some change. Most know already, but not via this blog, that I broke a metacarpal in my right hand while installing a reinforcement bracket for the rear sway bar.

Two months later after surgery was done and the pins finally removed, I find myself anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get behind the wheel and race again.

Missed the drivers school in the process :(

Well I am better now and getting better every day. Picked up my Si from the shop today after an alignment. Rides so smooth now.love it.