Tuesday, June 15, 2010

KYSCCA #5 - 12JUN2010

Had a fantastic time this past weekend. I put together a rather crude drawing (using MS Paint) of how the course was laid out. There was a sweet loop at the beginning. Hoping that they will have that element in future track layouts.

Out of 49 cars, I placed 39th in the RAW results. Raw Results click here

Melody was there cheering me on and shooting video. Not long after she got there she hooked up with Jason, one of the racers running a blue RSX, and rode shotgun. I was running second heat, so I had to work the first heat. Kind of worked out too, because it was fairly wet when we arrived. By the time the second heat came around, things were drying up fairly well.

Was running front tires at 50 psi and rears at 40. The KDWs are known to have soft walls and apparently do better with higher pressures when under this type of stress. The rears were simply too high though. I will probably experiment next time and try 45/35 and see how it handles.

Here is a compiled video which is a combination between video Melody shot, and the HD cam i mounted on the on the vehicle. Came out pretty cool I thought. Enjoy.

Note : In case you don't have access to YouTube, try this one here.