Sunday, May 16, 2010

KYSCCA #3 - PJCS - Feel good day!

Agreeably I didn't bring home any top spots, but I felt much better about the driving this event. The solid mounts have really made a big difference that is for certain. Had my co-driver, Brandon Howard, with me as well. He did very well. Crazy man in the turns is all I can say!

Seat was real tight too. Did the 'twist the belt' a few times and reconnect. However, I have a side lever that boost the seat up... very tight. We didn't feel like we were flailing around, nor did we have to brace as much. Still need to look at getting harness setup.

Picked up a few videos and posted online. Like a dufus, I left the recording on early in the day and ate up about an hours worth, so we only got a few runs captured on video...and not our fastest sprints either. So I only posted the last 2 videos that I had. Lot of wind in the mic, I will need to fix that for next time with a bit of foam and tape. Also need to see how I can rig it so that the camera is outside the car on the camera boom. It would make for a much better capture than inside the car.

One vehicle casualty occurred though. Not sure if anyone caught it on film as of yet. A red Miata left the course on the last turn before the finish gate, left the course, hit the curb and disappeared into the culvert. Fortunately there were no injuries to the driver, nor fuel fires. The front end of the Miata, well needless to say was ready for the scrapyard I am sure. It was almost surreal seeing him go over the edge. I think he did the right thing though by keeping it straight. I suspect that if he would have tried to turn out of it, he may instead ended up flipping it when he hit the curb side. That would been much nastier to be certain. My family and Brandon's girlfriend missed the whole event... they were getting some ice cream. LOL.

Lessons learned...

1. Oddly enough, need to slow down and concentrate on the smoothness. Too much fighting in the turns is bogging my time down most certainly.
2. Need to find the straight lines.
3. Need to edge closer to the key cones.
4. Need to get the driver/passenger mounts fixed.

... I am sure there are others however. One good note, I was braking before the turns and not as I entered into the turn.

Here is me...

Here is Brandon...

Here is a video I put together with our 4th pass. You can see where I do pretty well at first and have a decent lead on Brandon. Its that long sweeping turn that winds and snakes to the end that ends up being my demise. Again, Brandon had a great day and once again bested my time by a larger margin this time. The times are not posted yet, but I will come back and edit think blog entry once I get that information.