Thursday, June 25, 2009

Night at the track

Well finally was able to hit the track. Took off last night around 5:30pm and headed for the Ohio Valley Raceway for test and tune night. I got there around 6:30 or there abouts. Was able to get 8 runs in, so I was pretty happy about that.

Everyone was pretty cool and offered a lot of helpful pointers. My R/T is something horrible right now... definitely need to shape that up. Gotta learn how to pre-load the launch... save my transmission and axle some stress. Clutch is a whole lot cheaper to buy. I don't want to run the track again until I get that figured out. Posted my slip here and at Drag Times. Drag Times should show up within 12 hours it said.

My first run was on my own at about 7:20pm. Try to hold your laughter... proof my reaction time is awful right now...

Reaction time := .6831
60ft := 2.7388
330ft := 7.1070
ET @ 594 FT := 9.9438
1/8 ET := 10.5648
1/8 MPH := 72.47

My best ET time of the night was my second to last run...

Reaction time := .8631
60ft := 2.3710
330ft := 6.5189
ET @ 594 FT := 9.3138
1/8 ET := 9.9257
1/8 MPH := 73.54
My best R/T was .505 ... though overall ET and speed was lower. Like I said... between preloading and getting my R/T down... I should be able to get some lower 9s with my current setup. One thing I need to get is engine dampner. Had a good share of wheel hop and engine twisting on the mounts when I launched.
Here are some pointers I found this morning on a ... maybe I will try some of these out next time...
  1. If you dont have slicks or radials don't burn out. Avoid the water patch.
  2. Set psi in tires to around 19.
  3. Launch around 6k.
  4. Powershift. Never release the gas. This enables your VTEC to stay engaged instead of dropping below VTEC and having to pull back into it from 3-3.5k or so. This takes some toll on your clutch but not much.
  5. When you see the 2nd yellow light on the tree drop, ease off your clutch and soon as the 3rd one drops, drop the clutch and mash.
I think I was pretty much pumped up on adrenaline last night... it was a lot fun. I can see why some get hooked for good.