Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a reminder for me...

The engine is nothing more than a glorified air pump. Get more air in and out and you get more power. Every 11 degrees you drop the incoming air temperature, you get a 1 % Hp gain. So the goal is more air, the colder the better.

My recent icebox mod with the inlet down at the bumper (where I removed the resonator earlier) needs an enhancement. Right now the inlet is only about 2 inches in diameter and sets back in the bump off to the driver side a bit. I found an airbox on the side of the highway. Looks to be part of some truck that had an accident. It has a wonderful oval shape to it. My thought is that it will make for a nice scoop to fabricate onto the bumper and then build a funnel that connects to the existing 2" inlet.... essentially creating a ram scoop.

In theory, this may in fact push me over the 200 whp that I am looking for. Wish I had a way to determine my whp at the track under speed.