Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dyno Results

Here are the dyno readings from the header, cat, and tbs installs.

The readings show last years run at stock with 166 at the wheel. Only mod since then is the Pulstar plugs (if I am lucky it gave me an extra 1 or 2 is my guess) and the Icebox modification. For those didn't know, I removed the intake resonator up front and cracked it open and refabricated it into an icebox intake setup with the intake at the bumper now. I posted a link earlier on the whole process. So I wanted a baseline to start with before we added some more mods.

To verify what the icebox did for me you can see its a good jump from 166 to 181 at the wheel. So it must really work. Mind you thats untuned (I suspect a FlashPro or AccessPort could further enhance that number) and the fan blowing in at the bump can only do so much to mimic highway speeds. I personally believe, though no proof, that I am getting better than 181. What I would like to do is fabricate a better scoop to draw in more air instead of the small 2 1/2 inch hole tucked inside the bumper.

Also, you will notice that the Icebox mod does not seem to do much before the VTEC, however once that kicks in, it starts to see strong improvement.

After adding the Vibrant RH, Vibrant Cat, and P2R TBS setup and P2R manifold gasket mods... I think I have made a pretty substantial improvement. Was hoping to break 200 though... still think on the highway I am probably pushing that 200 at the wheel... just can't confirm it. Grrr...