Monday, September 6, 2010

Fotos from the event at UPS

Had a few problems getting the pics posted from yesterday... but here they are ...

The day starts out a lot like this... well maybe not starts since I don't get there at 6am to setup the course. Everyone here is playing their part by chalking the course to mark where the cones are located at.

Nice wide angle shot at UPS before the grid fills up... yep thats me in the blue civic on the right.

And now the grid is filling getting ready for the first heat... and yes thats a pickup truck, so don't think you can't race what you have ;o) .

So here comes the funny (and yes a video will soon follow that matches this crazy path). I am using software called Trackmaster on my droid. My wife can probably detail her personal accounts of this as well. As I said, on the first run I got lost. This is what lost looks like... that snake mess down at the bottom of the path.

And this is what it was supposed to be like (diregard the time and speed, that comes from the playback feature of Trackmaster). The course started out with a quick right hand turn into a slalom which was a first for me this year. From there it was a sharp and crisp turn to the right to a wideopen section where the first lap you went left and the second you went right. Going on the first lap and turn left, it had you going up hill and then right down hill into a right hand sweeper. Thats where I sent wrong the first time and went left of the light pole instead of right. Ooops! So from that point on, going on the right hand side of the pole, the course took you back to that wideopen straight away and into the second half of the course. The course went into a right hand turn and into the final right hand sweeper to the finish line. My best time of the day was 51.113.

The trackmaster software also records G-Forces experienced by the ride using the android phone's (Samsung Captivate) accelerometer. Here are screenshots of what it recorded from two separate runs.

Cooling down after a run on the course...

From here you can just barely see the white CMOD on the course...

All in all, it was great day.