Monday, January 11, 2010

Can I be any more unlucky ? Tire damage tonite..Argh!

During the summer I ran over a piece of flat iron that I could not see since it was laying flat on the road. That experience left me with a one inch cut into my rims and a gash across the steel sidewall cores right at the tire bead of all places. That cost me to special order a replacement tire.

Tonite I get home after spending some extra time at work instead of being home spending dinner with my family, and hear this hissing sound after getting out of my car in the garage. I look at the back tire and I see this monster piece of sheet metal sticking out of my tire (see picture). Aside from the colorful language, I realized I was also very lucky since this could have just as well been a complete blow out.

I have decided not to pull the object out for fear what lies underneath and into the tire. I will be taking it to the shop tomorrow to see what the damage is. My hope is that they can extract the metal and apply a simple patch on the inside. Guess it depends upon how big the gash is. Hate to see more money burn down the drain again.