Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working on my intake inlet at bumper

I have been debating how to improve the air flow on my icebox intake. I found an old oval airbox from a truck that I considered using as a fiberglass mold so that I could make something that would curve into the bumper. As nice as it sounded, I thought afterwards that it would be overkill most likely.

So I was skimming google and flickr for information on ideas, when I stumbled on info about velocity stacks for intakes. I had seen them before used in a manner of ways. So that led me to rethinking how I could leverage that approach.
If I replace all of the hose from the airbox down to the velocity stack, and mount the stack right behind the driver side of the lower bumper... where the mesh grille is at... I should be able to fully take advantage of that high pressure zone there as well as leverage the benefits of the air flow improvement by use of the velocity stack.
I will get some minor air disturbance from the grille mesh itself, but I think considerably less than what I am getting now with a straight pipe that is sitting off to the side of the grille. I mean it works now, and I am getting something from the setup, but it can be better.
Once I get things reconfigured, I need to take it back to AutoLab and have another dyno run on it.