Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just ordered an Ingalls "Stiffy" combo pack...

Just ordered an Ingalls "Stiffy" combo pack from CorsportUSA. This should eliminate the excessive engine rocking that I am getting on my wide-open-throttle runs down the strip. It should also cut out the knocking that I am experiencing where the header bounces up against the bottom-side of the car... side-effect of the engine twisting. Once I get it installed, I will take some photos and post them online.

Technical benefits of the "Stiffy" addons -

  • Greatly improved off-the-line acceleration

  • Reduced wheel hop

  • Improved vehicle stability

  • Reduced shock loads on driveline components

  • Smoother shifting

  • Reduced wear on exhaust system joints

  • Less vibration transmission to the driver compared to polyurethane motor mounts.

  • Less shock load, compared to torque straps and chains.

  • Drifting – helps reduce shock loads when wheels gain traction.

  • Reduces motor movement – decreases the chance of motor parts rubbing against the hood and frame.