Saturday, July 25, 2009

ETD and PowerStick installed... is this my car ?

Just installed the Ingalls Engine Torque Dampner and PowerStick. I thought they were kidding about the shifts like butter comment. Shifting is more precise and smoother now. I guess because of there being less engine movement transitioning through the transmission.

No more wheel hop it appears. Acceleration is much better, again I am thinking this is due to less lateral movement of the engine. The race header and exhaust setup sounds different too. With everything tighten down now, the vocals are more solid and deep toned. It doesn't sound like any 4 cylinder that I am used to hearing. Very aggressive.

I hear differing views on whether you need both or whether one negates the need for the other. I also hear individuals investing 500 in Boomba engine mounts. Whether there is an appreciable difference between Boomba or the combo, I may never know. The Boomba milled aluminum looks very nice that is for sure, but for the money these might just do the job for what I need.

I need to do some fine tuning on the PowerStick as it needs to be tightened up just a bit I think. The ETD is set right at about 12mm. The tightest is 10, but it came set at 15. The 15mm setting had considerably more vibration and I could still feel my header knock the underside during launch. For those that don't know, the Vibrant race header for the 06+ Civic Si Sedans (and maybe coupe too) provide for a very tight fit. Always joy for the guys at Valvoline. Honda Burns Rule ! Yes I have my branding from when I did my time there too.

End story.. is it worth.... oh yes baby... its worth it !