Sunday, August 19, 2012

KYSCCA - Event#6 - Louisville, Kentucky

2007 Honda Civic Si - Sedan. 1st place in DSP today. A few regulars were not present today so it worked out in my favor this time. Not my favorite type of course personally. Very little slalom activity. Slaloms are my crack addiction. Today's run felt good all the same though with a 54.480

Running Torque for Android and had the data logger running to see what it would pick up. Below is cumulative course route with some GPS accuracy issues periodically. However, you can see the course layout pretty clearly. The start is where the little map pointer is at with the finish just before the middle inlet on the right hand side. Thereabouts at least.

Looking at the data logger, my speed seemed more controlled on my 4th run and less erratic.  Next time, I need to add some additional diagnostic data loggers than just the basic speed, rpm, and gps accuracy info. 

Next race will be next Sunday, but at UPS, Grade Lane instead. See you there!