Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping list updated...

After doing some more research its looking more like this now :

2011 AutoX Season

Skip getting the extra track rims, and go with a camber adjustments, swaybar, new set of KDWs, and if at all possible.. flashpro... and also removal of the Throttle Body Spacer so I can get into the STX class. With the transmission work, thats a almost a 1k of money that was not expected to go that direction. After much reflection, and balancing out other responsibilities... this seems to be the smarter route and would still allow me to race next season.

Why... well 16x8's are going to be hard to find wide tires that fit properly on the Si for one as I have found out. Getting more negative camber in combination with regular rotations and flipping of the tires, should increase the life of the tires dramatically. Less cauliflower rounding of which I experienced this year... as well as more even wear across the tire as a whole.

click here :: Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit - adjustable ($300 from Corsport)
click here :: SPC Camber Bolts (2 pair) ($39 from Corsport)
click here :: Progress Rear Swaybar ($159 from Corsport)
click here :: B.F. Goodrich KDWs 245/40R17 (About $560 thereabouts depending on where you shop)
note : Discount Tire Direct usually has good package discounts when buying 4 tires

... not a must have, but would be nice and would make a big difference in how the car performs :

click here :: Flash Pro ECU Management ($689 from Corsport)

AND.... learn to drive better. ;o)