Sunday, August 1, 2010


*** UPDATE ***

Results posted from Event #6

Sound Results (92 dB is max permissiable for PJCS area) : 86 dB

Final Results by Class : 10th out of 14 in the STO class


On July 31st, went to the KYSCCA Event #6 held at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY. Weather forecast did not look promising with 40% scattered thunderstorms. The morning started out wet to boot, but by the time we were ready to run the rain had all passed and the sun was on its way in to warm things up.

I am getting better at visualizing the course in my head, now if I could just take that visual course in my ahead and do better at driving it I would be set. Some people pick it up faster than others. I appear to be just your average every day ol' person. So it will take me a bit, but I am learning. No question about that.

For some reason today, the lane change kept me feeling uneasy every time I entered it. Not certain why. It was like it was a surprise when I came upon me timing was. Luckily I didn't kill any cones in that area. In fact out of all six of the runs, I only killed one cone and that was at the end of the course on my 5th run. Came out of that last turn too quick and lost control of the rear a bit, and my passenger rear tire took it out. Felt that and said to my wife Melody, who was riding with me, "Ooops". All that said, there were lots of times on the earlier runs that I was certain I must have hit some cones. After looking at the resulting video, I came awful close to tagging them, but did not.

One thing is certain, the BF Goodrich tires I have are great tires for how I use them : Drive back and forth to work 300 miles a week + Autocross and with a dash of Drag Racing. It serves a fair and decent balance. Are they great for Autocross exclusively ? Probably not, just like they are not great exclusively for Drag Racing exclusively. With this being my first year of Autocross, I didn't want to dump a bunch of money into separate track wheels and tires until I knew this was the sport for me. Well it is, and so I need to look towards getting a new setup for the track for the 2011 season. The treadwear on the KDWs is 300 and what I need is something more along the lines of 140-180, knowing that for back and forth to work they would never survive hence just for track. Probably a 225 (or 235 depends upon whats legal for the class) and wrap that around a 17x8 or 18x8. If I can put a 235 on it, I would like to, but I need to make sure that it fits of course.

Well enough with all that, here is some video footage using the Epic Cam HD that I use. If you have the bandwidth, check it out in HD. Sometimes what I do is get the HD playback going, then press pause and let it load up, then press play to watch it. Interesting note, and maybe its just me, but watching the video this time it "feels fast".

P.S. "Feels fast" is a pun on "You sound fast" comment I heard recently. Made me smile inside the thought of "sounding" fast. Not even sure how thats done. LOL.