Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Impatiently waiting... ;o)

Took the Si into the shop to have the new tires mounted, balanced, and 4 wheel alignment. The damage is $170 out the door.  Its near 11am, so it should be done within the hour since I dropped it off at 8am when they opened. I was the second customer and was beat out by another by just a few minutes... not that it would changed anything of how long I suppose.

In any case, the guys at the shop liked the car and the setup. Admittedly they said they prefer domestics over imports, but they really liked the way it wasn't overstated some Fast and Furious car. Made me laugh a bit no doubt. They agreed with me about the dislike for the fartcans that people claim to be performance exhaust setups. Yuck. Give me a well tuned race header and catback exhaust, with a sweet mellow and low tone. Yum.

Well, I need to be getting ready to head back out to pick the car up. See how it rides on the way home. The guys at the local Valvoline shop ( shout-out to Brandon ! ) are equally anxious to see the car with the new tires mounted. If autocross pans out for me this year ( and I suspect it will ), I will most likely keep these tires and rims as daily drivers, and purchase some lightweight 18x8's and getting track worthy set of tires. The tires will definitely be wider that is for certain.. maybe 245/45-18. I will need to do some shopping around to ensure I get the right wheel and tire size to match up together correctly.

Need to also look at installing an upgraded front and rear sway bar. I have been debating about whether I should pursue the HFP suspension setup from Honda or go aftermarket. I am leaning towards the HFP setup. I definitely will need to upgrade the brake setup to a big-brake kit. However, all of that will need to be looked at much further down the road.  By then I may be looking at getting another vehicle for a daily driver and set this one aside for racing only. Really depends on how much of this becomes just a hobby that I do 2-3 times a year, or something more regular than that.

Well I am out of here for now. Probably post some pics up later tonite. You know I have to take pics. See Ya!