Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tire shopping...

The quest begins... currently sitting on top Bridgestone Potenza G019 Grid series tires ( 215/45R17). Its time to replace them. Finally. I have done some reading here and there, and think I will be going with 235/40R17 for size this time. My rims are Momo Corse S-Five 17x7 with 40 offset. From what I read, that should be just fine and still allow me to rotate the tires as needed. I had planned on getting a pair of drag radials this year, but I might pass on that this year. Instead I will keep the best two tires I have and put them on my stock rims. I will use that for the drag strip when I go do that. When not mounted, I will keep one in the trunk as a full size spare and put the donut to the side. Again.. finally.

Not certain which tire to get just yet however. Was thinking about Dunlop DZ101's but the reviews have not been that great.  Wondering now if Nitto is the way to go or maybe Falken Azenis.