Thursday, October 8, 2009

07-OCT-2009 :: Ohio Valley Dragway, Kentucky

First let me say, Brandon... I will get videos uploaded be patient... that said, I went to the track today and had some of my best times and learned a few things. My best overall run was

Reaction Time .3798
60 ft 2.2681
330 ft 6.2762
ET @ 594 ft 8.8903
ET 1/8th mile 9.4710
1/8 MPH 77.49

My best reaction time was .1028 compared to my typical .50 and greater. So I was pleased to see that run as well.

Reaction Time .1028
60 ft 2.2952
330 ft 6.3292
ET @ 594 ft 8.9680
ET 1/8th mile 9.5522
1/8 MPH 77.03

My top speed for the night was 77.69 mph

Reaction Time .3898
60 ft 2.2783
330 ft 6.2802
ET @ 594 ft 8.8980
ET 1/8th mile 9.4772
1/8 MPH 77.69

My average overall reaction time was 0.305 . So what changed for me... I had been looking at previous videos that I took during past runs. I was not anticipating the green light correctly. I had one run where I choked and jump the light and fouled with a -0.0519. Grrrr. So the videos really have helped.

Another thing that has troubled me in the past is that stupid VSA on the newer cars including mine. I have always turned it off in earlier runs since it can get a little annoyed at tires spinning at the launch. So this time I had it off as well. I had a hard time getting my tires to hook tonite. I figured it was because it was cold, like 55 degrees (F), and there was the wait time between runs.

Tires simply were not warming up. So I figured I would experiment... test and tune night you know. I normally don't warm up the tires by doing a burnout. Street tires don't appear to gain much from burnouts, so I am told. Since the tires are cold, why not warm them up with the VSA off so that I can get a good burnout. Then for the run turn the VSA back on to reduce the wheel spin at the launch. As soon as did this I went from my first ET's of 10.11, 9.83, and 9.93 down to a nice 9.59. To eliminate the possibility of a fluke, I repeated that same method for the remaining runs. The rest of the evening my ET was 9.47 for 5 consecutive runs. One of those was even in a different lane. So I am convinced that it works... at least in cold weather. Wonder how it will perform for warm weather... we will have to see.

I am planning on purchasing a pair of lightweight rims and BFG T/A Drag Radials or Mickey Thompson Drag Radials in the spring of next year. These should really help with lowering my 60ft as well as my overall ET.

Took a number of videos tonite which I need to create media files for and then upload to youtube. You can find all of my published videos by searching for the user bsc7080yec. Once I get them built I will post same on youtube, with my best run viewable here.

One run you won't see however, nor posted time is my last time... I missed my shift entirely and could not get back into gear. Sad way to end the night, but I will try and forget that it happened. I really was excited to see improvements in my launch and the ET. Granted some is due to the cold air, and some maybe due to the velocity stack modification forcing more cold air into the intake.

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