Monday, May 4, 2009

So how is my DIY CAI working out ?

Well its only been a few days (like last Saturday) since I hacked up my resonator and intake setup. So whats it like so far ? For starters the vtec whine that occurred around 6000 rpm appears to be gone. Obviously something created by the resonator when it was still there. Luckily the pickup and power didn't go away. What I did notice is that (maybe its in my head) the power band and acceleration is smoother and more responsive. This seems to align with comments made by other individuals who have done the same thing.

Like I said, the one thing I would like to do is purchase a K&N cone filter and mount it down in the lower bumper. Then smooth out the inside of the airbox to improve air flow. Hoping to do that sometime this month.  Long term I would really like to do is modify the whole air intake to that of a cowl induction .   I don't see me getting rid of the intake down in the bumper but instead having both the cowl and bumper intakes areas. Reason being is that both the cowl and the bumper area are optimal places for airflow. The real question is what all this additional air will do to the fuel economy. Some readings have indicated improved fuel economy after a few tanks of gas which permits the system to calibrate to the new configuration changes. My current mpg is generally around 25-27 mpg give or take.

I will post back how things go.